RH Institute of Professional Development


As the Number One corporate training organization in Sri Lanka “RH Training and Development is now taking a step forward venturing as RH Institute of Professional Development.

Our objective is to create and build competent professionals with tacit knowledge to face challenges in the corporate world of opportunities.

We are also in the process of developing programs for students and corporates and enable them to gain competencies in order to sand out among the others by joining hands with global universities across the world.

Currently our main courses are Facility management” and “maintenance management.

The RH team is committed in getting the best for our students and in delivering high level of practical knowledge and skills, the right attitude to be a better version of them in the corporate world that will make them stand out among the others.

Our Affiliation University Partner

Ubiquity University is accredited by the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC) in the United Kingdom. ASIC is recognized by the British Government Home Office and is a member of the British Quality Foundation. ASIC is an affiliate of the European Network for Quality Assurance (ENQA) and an institutional member of the European Distance and E-Learning Network (EDEN). Accreditation by ASIC conforms to the educational standards of Britain and the European Union. ASIC is also a member of the U.S. Council on Higher Education’s International Quality Group (CIQG) and conforms to the highest U.S. educational standards. ASIC accredits 320 colleges and universities in 60 countries around the world.

Ubiquity badges are part of Ubiquity UbiCert Global Standard Credentials ®, which means that they are tied into industry standards for competence and credentials. The badges are benchmarked to the Australian national qualification framework which has official correlates to the European Qualification Framework (ESCO) and the ASEAN qualifications framework. This makes it possible to map your competence portfolio to qualifications around the world.


Upcoming Programmes